The Telegram finally adds video calls support for all the apps


A Telegram has announced that it will finally bring video-call functionality for all desktop and mobile apps. The company made this announcement on the day of his seventh birthday, and since it went live in August of 2013.

The video call feature is currently available in an alpha state with all the apps. As with calls, a video call in the Telegram is to be an end-to-end encrypted by default. The app has four emoji on the screen in front of you and it is your call, partner.” If they both have the same four emoji, and the call is encrypted.

The-voice-calls-using the picture-in-picture function so that you can minimize the call to keep up with the rest of the app. You can also choose to switch to a call at any time during the video or simply don’t turn on the camera in your hand.

A Telegram has promised that more features will be added in the future builds. Most notably, the service will have the option to make group video calls.

The Telegram finally adds video calls support for all the apps

In addition, the Telegram also has the more-animated emoji options to the emoji. If you use any of these emoji’s in chat and have a larger, animated version will appear in its place.

You can see this all in action in the link below.



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