The State Announced A Phased Re-Opening Plan For The Last • Atascadero News


Governor Newsom, and Dr. Ian Angell, detail the regional differences of the protocols

Over the past couple of weeks have seen the failure of a county shelter-at-home, as the central premise of the community was formed around the question of rights of access to the economy and society, as well as the fear of a huge death toll as a result of the opening.
Staged protests and demonstrations, in the County of SLO, and in the United States of america which has a glimpse of the frustration that was built over a period of 50 days, from day care to in-house orders, which have severely hindered the economy, and decimating, markets, financial resources, and the nation in job creation.

After the fear-based reaction to the reception for a little-known novel corona virus, the science of the seven weeks, in the USA, is constructed of a framework for the re-opening of the economies and the health and safety of any changes to the site.

Statements made by SLO County officials last week, including the public release of the Province’s SLO-START Guide, and with respect to the re-opening of the county’s economy, and the community will be added to the anticipation of the progress this week. The statement was not ignorant of the sense of urgency to make progress, as the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom covers on the following Monday.

The briefing will be streamed live from the County Public Health Department will be here.


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