The Sony PlayStation 5, June 4 event will be postponed on George is on the Cover of protests


PlayStation 5 in the event that the it was supposed to be the 4th of June it has been delayed by Sony in light of the ongoing George was on the Cover of protests in the united states.

Even though it was online, on the Sony, and said: “now is not the time to have a party and be a strong voice needs to be heard.

At the June 4 event, Sony was giving us a first look at the PlayStation 5 games, but there will still be plenty of time for that before the console launched. And while Sony has not yet revealed on the PlayStation 5, and the detailed next-gen gaming console’s hardware and features at the end of March. You can head over to this way of learning.

Sony isn’t the only tech company to have to cancel the event in support of George’s Music, who passed away on May 25, 2020, as the police and the racial injustices against the Black Community. U.S. video-game maker Electronic Arts (EA), also known as the Madden NFL 21 football video game in the announcement.

Other tech companies have also expressed their solidarity with the Black Community. YouTube and Facebook have lost $1 million and $10 million or morein the direction of its efforts, is committed to ending racial injustice, as in uploaded by the black-coloured profile picture and a banner on their social media accounts to show its support for the Black Community.


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