The Sony PlayStation 5, black version, re-designed user INTERFACE is being bullied


The japanese tech giant, Sony gave us our first official look at the new Sony PlayStation 5. The fire turned out to be a radical new design for the PS5 and even showed us two versions of the next-gen console. One with and one without a disk drive. Sony has also teased a couple of exclusive games for the PlayStation 5, including Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, and so on. However, there is one element that is not talked about a lot during the event, the in-game user INTERFACE of the Sony PlayStation 5. Also Read – Sony PS5 is going to be for the third pre-order at $700; the PlayStation, the boss is the price

Now, we’ve just learned that Sony, the PlayStation 5 will feature a completely new user interface with the new console. A LinkedIn post by Matt MacLaurin, Sony’s VP of OS design, for the PlayStation states that the new console will come with a “100 percent review of the PS4 UI, and a number of the very many new and different ideas.” Also Read – Sony-TWS plugs to start the set up for the 24th of June; prices start from Rs 10,000

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Although not much was revealed, MacLaurin suggested that the new product will be based on a visual language and will be able to focus on speed. “More important is the experience of goals, measured in milliseconds, across the entire UI,” he added. The emphasis on speed makes sense because of the performance of the Ssd in the Sony-PlayStation-5. The solid state storage units are very fast, and loading times wouldn’t be a problem for the PS5. Also Read – Sony announced the games that will come to PS5

New Sony PlayStation 5 And the Black Variant is being bullied

The futuristic design of the Sony PlayStation 5, there was an instant talking point for the future of console gaming. During the update of the color scheme of the new design was not a favorite for everyone, such as social media started to flood in with the memes for the new design. However, it seems that it is the white one and the black one is the sandwich-style design, it will not be the only variant of Sony PS5. “There’s going to be a special edition at all,” said MacLaurin, in the post office.

In addition, the answer to the question of whether there is a black version, MacLaurin said, “maybe”. While it is not clear, confirmation, and the option of a black, the console version is very likely. For starters, the black console, Sony’s signature since the original PlayStation. In addition, the tech giant is well aware of the fact that a lot of people who would like to be a black version. Can We hear more about the “Special Edition” of the phone


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