The Samsung Galaxy s, the Z-Fold 2 is not provided in the August 5 Unpacked event


Samsung has made it official that it will be hosting an Unpacked event on the 5th of August, and it’s no secret that the samsung Galaxy Note20 series, the focal point of the event. Expect to tag along with the samsung Galaxy Z, Flip and 5G, the Galaxy S7 and the Tab, the S7, which is the samsung Galaxy Buds, Live, the Galaxy, the Z-Fold is 2.

According to respected insider, Max Weinbach, the samsung Galaxy, the Z-Fold 2 is not recommended at the August 5 event. He then goes on to say that he is 60% certain the Samsung is not to forget the Galaxy s, the Z-Fold 2, the event will be a 100% sure that it will not be displayed. He estimates that of the Z-Fold 2 could be announced at the beginning of September, and will be released in the beginning of October.

This allows for a full… Unpacked event. The samsung Galaxy Note20 series is expected to feature two models – the Galaxy Note20, Note20+, and is an all-out Note20-Ultra – Z-Flip-5G, it is expected that it will be adding a Snapdragon 865 (or 865+), and 5 g of the device from the equation. The samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+, it will bring a Snapdragon 865 (or, again, with 865+) chip sets, 120Hz-capable display, a large battery pack (7,760 mAh battery for the S7, 10,090 mAh battery for the S7 and dual-13MP + 5MP cameras. The Galaxy Tops the Live brings a totally new-design-and-the-active-noise-cancellation.



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