The Samsung Galaxy, Expand-successor-to-be-called Z-Fold 2


According to the rumors, Samsung will introduce at least three phone at its Unpacked event on the 5th of August. If you do not Note20 date, samsung Galaxy Z, Flip and 5G, the successor to the Galaxy Fold. Given that We now know the name of the flagship of the fold, the Galaxy, the Z-Fold is 2.

Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 2 deisign images

Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 2 design

This is a change from the name, it would combine with the next folded up, with the brand of the other folding, of the phones – and the Z-Flip-in-one series. Samsung is already using this set-up, as it has been confirmed by a spokesperson for the company interview earlier in the year. According to the representative, to the Z-line name is “intuitively communicate the concept of a folding device, while providing a dynamic, youthful feel.”

The Samsung Galaxy, Expand-successor-to-be-called Z-Fold 2

Another one from Samsung, it is the possible naming convention is to change the policies of the Galaxy, to Expand the AMERICAN landing page for the samsung Galaxy Z is the name on the front of the Galaxy and Expand it in the URL. However, only time will tell if this change will actually take place.

Samsung Galaxy s US to Expand-URL

Samsung Galaxy s US to Expand the URL

Rumors and speculation about the roman’s successor to come in bunches, and the consensus is that we will be seeing larger screens on both the front and the inside, in addition to modernized cameras, and an up-to-date flagship, the Snapdragon 865 chipset.

The outside of the screen is expected to come in at 6.23-inches, while the fold on the inside, have now, 7.7-inch, and will probably opt for a punch-hole cut and the Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) construction. Earlier today, we got a list, which confirms that the phone will come with a 25W fast charge.



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