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Posted: May 30, 2020 at 8:15:15 pm

What kind of security measures would be spas and salons and find one to post for the moment? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Written by Heena Dalvi

There has been a change in the way we go about our lives while trying to come to terms with the limitation of the movements, and adjust it, while still understanding the need for the social distanceand an increased emphasis on the importance of hygiene. This is a modification, that is, the world is still trying to learn, and is extremely fast in its expectations with regard to the achievement of a new normal. As well as individuals, on the doorstep of the impact of the pandemic, a number of companies have tried to stay afloat. Among other things, business fraternities, and the The indian salon industry it is greatly affected by the disadvantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the pressure of not only the company for more than 50 days, and the Indian salons will find it difficult to earn the trust of the customers and get them to have a visit to the beauty salon, as soon as the locking mechanism of the act. As the salon services are high-on tactile communication, there is a heightened sense of expectation of them that they have to adhere to strict health and safety regulations. With a change in the behavior of the consumer and spending patterns, to salons, to the transformation of their infrastructure and adapt their approach and communication with customers. It can be overwhelming, and beauty salons, it will be necessary to hand-holding, to get back on their feet and to ease the migration to the new normal with an over-inflated claim hygiene in the not so distant future.

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In order to help the subsidiaries to support the force of the impact, it is important to ensure the compliance with hygiene protocols. Godrej has also curated the ‘Suraksha’ Directives, with a detailed module on health and safety for the customer and for the security and safety of the workers. By the way, the non-profit, Salon, Suraksha initiative, there will be an allowance of 15,000 gallons of disinfectant, and 10,000 re-usable masks for the safety and well-being of the artists.

The security measures for the opening of the

Disinfecting high-touch points

When the salons are open for business, they will need to make sure that on the day before the official opening, and they long for high touch-points with the aid of a disinfectant. The touch-points are the saloon doors workstations, service, electrical, switches, seats, service, vehicles, sinks, and faucets, products, and tools, and the credit card machine, to name a few. Tetragene, a cleaning agent, and can be used for the disinfection of the room.

Supply of cleaning materials

Reliability of the items available will be increased, and the cleaning of the material to be stored consists of the following: tissue boxes anti-bacterial wipes, an antiseptic, alcohol-based, disinfectant chemicals, such as, TN8, which will be used for a deep, disinfecting, anti-bacterial fluid, such as a Tetragene, plenty of cloth pieces, and a self-closing trash cans.

The principles of client safety

While it may seem like a challenge to get the clients back into the salons, in the first instance, the situation will gradually improve as customers begin to gain confidence in the maintenance of health and hygiene in the beauty rooms. However, it is very important that the hygiene protocols are not relaxed, as soon as things start to get out of a normal rhythm. The measures to be taken in order to ensure the safety and security of its clients are, among others:

*Working on an appointment basis.
*Ask clients to minimize the effects.
*If you don’t have a waiting area.
*Contact customers in order to not have it in their hands and to use it to open the door.
*Greet with a “Namaste” and don’t shake hands.
*Provide disposable shower caps to cover shoes.
*Make sure that the customers are wearing a mask.
*Make sure that the temperature of the residents at the entrance.
*Insist on the use of and to obtain as soon as they come in.
*Provide the client with a disposable or disinfected the cape is to be worn.
*Try not to speak too often, and
*Focus on the digital payment and to prevent the processing of the payment.

The principles of the security and safety of the employees

While in the above-mentioned measures should also be considered in order to ensure that our customers are safe and secure, it is also important to ensure that the workers ‘ compliance with safety protocols, on an individual level, in order to stay safe. The principles of the security and safety of the workers:

With 50 percent of staff and shift workers.
The wearing of a uniform and shoes, while in the living room.
-Be sure to check the temperature of your staff each and every day.
If you ask the staff to sanitize their hands when they come in, and to inculcate the habit of using a disinfecting agent before and after each service.
-Always make sure that the staff will wear a gown, gloves and mask.
-How to create a personal tool kit in order to prevent sharing.
If you ask the staff to have to take a bath for the interaction with the family, and, finally,
-Ask them to bring their own cutlery for lunch and breaks.

The above measures will need to be replicated to each other, while the supply of hair and skin care services, and highlights the importance of the disinfection of the equipment in which it is used, for each of the services, and by making use of the available clean-up methods as far as possible.

Getting customers to visit salons as often as in the past, one of the biggest challenges is that the suite will be faced with the entry of the lock. Clients have constant peace of mind with regard to the safety, security, and personal hygiene as practiced in the living room. It’s getting customers to work together with temperature monitoring, them of questions about their health, travel history, and to refuse to provide the service, that the symptoms may be difficult to deal with. However, salons will have to make sure that they continue to insist on this, for the safety and security of their employees, as well as the different types of customers.

(The writer is with the National Technical Head – and- Godrej-Professional.)

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