The Pixel 5 may have to make do with a Snapdragon 765, a new proof of


The Google Pixel, the phones will never be the fastest chipset, and that it was a choice. The original phones are using a Snapdragon 821 down-clocked to 820, and speed. As the Pixel 2, and 3 are used, underclocked chips, the Snapdragon 835, and 845, respectively. Pixel-for-Pixel 4, it was the first model to get the chipset at stock speeds.

There is a growing body of evidence suggests that over the next 5 Pixels will not even bother with an 800-series chip, as well as the use of the Snapdragon 765 in place. To be clear, it can be one of the 765, 765G, and 768G, because they all have different boxes of what is essentially the same hardware, the differences are mainly in the CPU and GPU clocks).

The latest evidence comes from the XDA Senior Member cstart27 who dug out the information from a leaked Google Camera, 7.4, and REGULATIONS. The information confirms that the “sunfish” a model for the Pixel 4a, the use of a Snapdragon-730 ultra zoom with “redfin” and “blur”, probably Pixels 5 and 5, and XL) will have to make use of one of the 765 range.

For the Pixel 4, and is reportedly aiming for a $350 price for the 128GB version (and possibly the $ 300 for the 64GB one), which compares favourably with the $400 iPhone, the SE goes up to 64GB of storage. The S730 chip, and has almost the same CPU and GPU (though, of course, at a slower clock speed and an older modem, it is compared to the Snapdragon 765. In the beginning of the benchmark shows solid performance, which is comparable to the samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite. Not bad for a $350.

However, the Pixel 5 is expected to cost twice as much, $700. That may be $ 100 less than that of the Pixel 4 and the start value, but that the phone has sold so poorly that two of the senior members of the aerospace team, he left the company. Thus, even if the 5 also makes use of the latest Snapdragon 768G (which we doubt it, given Google’s history of using chips), it will be a hard sell.



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