The new iPad Air can be less expensive, but more capable than its predecessor


DigiTimes has reported that Apple is running their supply chain for the production of the new ARM-powered Macbook computers, as well as the new one is in the works. The company is reportedly expecting revenue in both product categories and to pick-up this year, as compared to 2019.

The new iPad Air, featuring a 10.8″ screen, and this time, it is said, that the adoption of the iPhone, the SE strategy of matching at an affordable price, and with a powerful chipset. It is possible for the Apple to A13, the chip is at the heart of the $400 iPhone to the SE (to 2020), though there have been some conflicting reports on this.

The iPad Air (to 2019) using the highway A12 chipset and starts at $500 for the 64 GB model. The vanilla iPad version 10.2 is an old A10 chipset, and it goes for about $330 at the moment. Thus, by 2020 the Air’s price tag to fall somewhere in between those two.

The current iPad Air (by 2019), with a folio-style keyboard

There’s been a lot said on the Air. It may be the first non-Pro to use its Lightning port, and it takes up a USB-C is in place. Another Pro feature is connected to the new model, which is the ability of the support of the Magic Keyboard.

If you’re in the market for a new iPad mini, which is in the next few years, ” says Kuo. What’s interesting is that he also reports that the ipad will be bundled with a 20-watt chargers, as opposed to the iphone which is soon to be with no charger at all.

As for Apple laptops, the 13″ models of MacBook and MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, both of which are powered by Apple’s designers, have been reported to be in development, set for release at the end of the year.

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