The new ‘Fourex’ map is leaked, beta version


A new map seems to be in order to PUBG Mobile phone. This will be the first time that a map will be added to the PUBG Cell before it makes its way to the PUBG PC. This map can be shown in a video created by the PowerBang gaming on YouTube. As he says in the video that this is a special Beta version of the game that has been given to the PUBG Mobile phone. He can see a bit of the gameplay in the beta version of the “Secret Map”. Also Read PUBG Mobile teases Sanhok the Mysterious Jungle mode, prior to June 1,

The card is not in the name of ‘Fourex’, per say, in the beta version of the game. The map is pretty small, and it would make for a tight action. From the video it appears that the card which is will be quite small, and it can be 2x2km in size. This is probably the smallest map. It has elements of the other four cards in each corner, that might be the reason why it can be referred to as ‘Fourex’. There was snow, and desert, as well as an up close and in the light of the trees. Also Read PUBG Mobile, Here’s everything you need to know about the new K/D system

The card is also equipped with new weapons including the P90, SMG, as well as the SPAS-12 shotgun. In addition to this, there is a new monster truck in the map that you can have it all. This car is going to be about rock and cars. Also Read PUBG Mobile phone: Here are some of the best weapons for a rush playstyle

There is specific news about when it will get out of the game. However, the host of the video is to mention that the beta update is numbered in 0.19.0. As we have done with an update to 0.18.0, and it would be able to do this with the next major update to the game.

PowerBang Gaming is a legitimate channel, that is, it means that there is very little chance that this is fake. However, this is still an experimental look of the card, which could mean that it really does not get out of it. We have our fingers and hope for the best.


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