The Mozilla VPN, is launching in six countries, and is available on Windows, iOS, and Android


After a brief period of testing, Google launched the VPN service to in six different countries (USA, UK, Canada, australia, New Zealand, Singapore, south africa, and Australia. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux support is coming soon.

Mozilla’s virtual private network (formerly known as Firefox virtual Private Network) charges $4.99 and claims to offer the other two have two big advantages over its competitors. For one, the general has to be significantly faster, due to its greatly optimized code, and Mozilla says that it will collect only the absolute necessary data from the user, in order to ensure that the service is running, but it does not keep logs, nor sell your personal information.

There is also a built-in VPN service on Firefox browsers in the works, and the company will give you $2.99 a month for unlimited web surfing.



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