The Motorola Moto G is a Pro (aka the G pen Stylus video review


A phone with a stylus, but without a Samsung logo on it? Yes, indeed it is, but it’s not as if Motorola is infringing on samsung Galaxy Note territory, the Moto G is a Pro (aka Moto G Stylus in the US). The phone is different in a number of keys aspects of the Samsung, and chief among them is the price, this bike is a mid-ranger.

In contrast, the Notes, the use of a simple capacitive stylus. You have to buy that separately for each device, but you will also need to wear them. The bike has a compartment to house the stylus, but with the necessary restructuring that is stuck to the rear-mounted buttons on the side are too high.

The differences don’t end there. The screen is a IPS LCD screen instead of OLED screen, and the software is mostly stock Android, the 10. Motorola also has a number of stylus-related features, such as the bubble with the four shortcut keys that instantly appear once you pull the stylus out.

How well does the capacitive stylus pen to compare it with the Galaxy Note’s stylus, which uses Wacom technology, behind-the-scenes? This is something that you will have to try it in person, the next best thing is to see it in action in the video.

Motorola is not merely a matter of the stylus, the Moto G is a Pro to attract attention. It also provides good-quality stereo speakers, a very interesting shots with ultra-wide, the Action cam, and have a pure Android experience, which you don’t get to many of the other phones.

Even so, you really have your heart set on getting a mid-range phone, with a stylus, you have to pay for the price of $270/€300, if there are other alternatives that may be cheaper or more capable. Luckily, the phone, and almost none of them have a stylus.


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