The Microsoft Surface is due to be fitted with an advanced stylus support, and precision


Shortly after the Microsoft Surface, the Duo detailed specs was leaked, information about the stylus, it offers surfaced as well. According to the The Latest Windowsthe unit will provide the advanced stylus integration, and the functions to better match the overall experience offered by the other Surface units.

Reportedly, the developers are already working on it. According to the report, the Android input stack has been tampered with, so that they can enable the touch input of the finger and the pen at the same time and to work seamlessly across the two screens.

And, since the Surface of the Pen can recognize the different pressure levels, Microsoft is going to do this on the Android platform. The dragging of the gear on one of the screens, on the other, it feels natural and size-specific movements, like double-clicking with the pen tool to make a screenshot, you will also have to be turned on.

The developers have also worked on the input lag of the whole experience feel “more natural” and to the use of the Surface Pen to the painting, you feel as if you’re sliding the pen on two different screens.

The Microsoft Surface is due to be fitted with an advanced stylus support, and precision

Unfortunately, however, there are a number of challenges for the developer team to do the same, and in the absence of the tilt value is in the multi-touch protocol can be one of them. It stems from the Android operating system is the Linux kernel. We still don’t know what other problems may arise in the absence of a specific value.

The last but not the least, the report claims that the device will launch with Android, the 10, later this year, but it will get the Android to 11 soon after.



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