The Microsoft Surface is a Book 3, and 2, and a pair of Headphones 2 to be launched


Microsoft has just launched a number of new products in the market. The company has also announced its new Microsoft Surface”, Book 3, Surface 2, Surface area Headphones (2), and more. This release also includes the Surface Plugs, the Surface Docking station 2, and PC accessories, packages. Microsoft has revealed that the majority of the products, which have a somewhat similar design on the outside. However, most of these products come with an upgraded interior. It is also shown that all of these Surface products are available for pre-order starting today. It is worth noting that none of the devices will make their way to the Indian market. Let’s check out the details for all the new Microsoft products. Also Read – Microsoft to launch Surface Pro, the Surface Pro has 7, Size Laptop 3: make sure that the price in India

The Microsoft Surface Is A Book 3

First of all, let’s talk about the highlight of the launch of the new Surface in Book 3. As part of the in the announcement postthe company claims that “50 percent more performance in comparison with that of Book 2. In addition, Microsoft is about 17.5 hours of battery life on the newer version. Book 3 in the 13-inch and 15-inch screen size, with Intel, of the 10th generation of chips. The company also has the option of adding an nvidia GeForce RTX GPU or a Quadro RTX 3000 GPU. Other changes include a new, 32GB RAM option on it with a faster solid state. The device will go on sale on May 21 at a starting price of $1,599. Also, Read the Microsoft Surface 2 could launch with a 10.5-inch display for the next month, Check out the details

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Surface, Then Go To 2

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The second Surface of the device to be in the country today, and the new Microsoft Surface 2. This version comes with a bigger 10.5-inch screen, along with the option to choose one of the 8th generation of Intel’s Core-M3-based processor. The buyers will also get a 5-megapixel webcam, a Windows Hello, support, and a dual, “Studio mic”. The form factor, ports, and everything else remains identical to that of the first generation in this country. Because of this, users are also able to use the Gen 1 interior, such as the Type of Cover with the new product. Surface of Head 2, it will go on sale on May 12, when a starting price of $399 (with antenna): Black, Poppy Red, cream and Blue colour scheme.

Microsoft Surface 2 Headsets

Microsoft Surface 2 Headsets

We also get the second-generation Surface, pair of Headphones, along with the improved battery life and sound quality. The company claims that it is the Surface Headphone 2 to about 20 hours, while the provision of active noise reduction. It can be used to block or stimulate the human voice. It also comes with a 13-level of ambient noise control. Users will be able to make use of the on-line choice for the fine-tuning of the levels. This version also comes with a 180-degree swivel for more comfort. The new product will go on sale starting May 12 for only $249.

Surface Plugs

The second audio product from the launch, it has already announced the Surface Ones. As previously mentioned, the function of in-ear monitors-touch buttons for controlling calls, music, Music playback, and much more. This product provides a rich, immersive Omnisonic sound,” with a “Screen-free integration. The integration allows users to read their e-mails in the microsoft Outlook mobile app for iOS, or to dictate in Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. It will go on sale starting May 12 for only $199.

Microsoft’s Surface Dock is a 2, and PC accessories

Also, will We get an updated Surface Docking station 2, a new multi-port is a USB Type-C is the Travel hub. The updated Docking station provides faster charging, along with an increased data transfer speed for only $ 259.99. Type-C is the Travel Hub that will allow users to connect to a C-Type peripheral devices. Both the products will start shipping to customers later this month in select markets.” The last but not the least, the company has also embarked on two different PC’s accessories collections. The first one is a Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop is a keyboard and a mouse for $ 89.99 and the second one is to use the Microsoft Bluetooth wireless Desktop for only $59.99.


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