The locking mechanism of the baby: New moms share their experiences

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Posted: 10 of May 2020 11:42:07 am

The world is stumbling and struggling to get out of such a pandemic, these kinds of experiences give us hope that a new life is welcomed each and every day, there can be a lot more happy in the beginning. Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Becoming a mother is a very life-changing experience. For women, it could usher in a new life into this world, it is both overwhelmingly powerful, and fearful. These are strange times we live in. While on the one hand, fears about the future were the warp and weft, on the other hand, the new life will be welcomed all over the world each and every day.

This mother’s day reach for new mothers, for whom this is the first one. While some of them are on the look-out, and do everything they can to keep their babies safe, while others are to share their experience and have delivered their babies in the middle of the constant moment.

On May 5, 2020, The Pune-based Neha — wife — delivered a baby boy via emergency c-section to have a Cloudnine Hospital in the city. Speaking in the hospital, she said: “at first, I was bothered by this is a day of mixed feelings. I was afraid to think about what I’m going to give birth in this area. I was even tested for COVID-19-before I was admitted. Before the test results came out, I was in an isolation ward. Later on, when I saw the room that was assigned to me, and I was at ease.”

“At the end of the third quarter, I was pretty scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen with the current pandemic situation and made it worse. My biggest fear was, if I may be permitted to call in the event of an emergency. Pass ke liye rokengey toh nahi or will they stop me if I don’t have a license)I would ask myself. The doctors had restricted his visits to the hospital, so that I can use every day to check the baby’s movement — in fact, I would do it for two hours or more. By the time the day ends, a new one would start and we would have to go through the routine all over again. My man had a supply of medicine so that he wouldn’t have to go out very often, and our doctor had given us a check-list. We have been asked to reach out to them in the event that something was off. Otherwise, online consultation and medication follow-up,” she explained.

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A day after giving birth, Neha had to walk around with the help of a physical therapist. Her doctor insisted she was, so that they can be fired at the earliest. For vaccinations, she has been told that it can be done at home, so that the new mom and her baby doesn’t have to take the risk to come back to the hospital.

“We had something to work out for the baby and for the mother’s day. But for now, we’re not even going to get any of the flowers. But, maybe we can cook something nice at home. Now that I’m in pain, but the feeling of having a mother to explain,” she said.

In Bengaluru, Chethana Jayanth, welcomed a baby girl on April 17th, in the city of Edgar the company of Hospital. For her, the biggest fear was not knowing if the Ds is open or not. “I watched it with my doctor, and was told to obtain, via a video consultation. It has been found out during my baby’s growth scan, that is, there is a bit of a challenge. When my doctor learned of it, she assured me the calls will all be fine. Mine was due the 19th of May, but I gave up in April via C-section,” she said.

“I’m over the moon now that I have become a mother. It has been an amazing experience. Nothing in my life has made me more delight than to be with my baby in my arms. You must ensure all necessary precautionary measures and take the necessary measures during a global pandemic. Five days after I delivered, I had to make a connection with a pediatrician for my baby, for all of the types of questions and/or emergencies,” she said, adding: “Mother’s Day” has a great meaning to it, because I have to celebrate the day with my mom. Right now, I am a mother of my own.”

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Chethana advises mothers-to-be take care of their own health, and on the arrival of their babies, wash their hands frequently and use the sanitizer before holding the baby.

For the Mohali-based, Manisha Sharma, a bank employee, and her baby boy came up, just as the world was waking up to the news of the virus, in January. While a lockdown was not in place, Manisha was concerned at the news of this baby, which would lead to an influx of family and friends, near and far. “It was so chaotic, and I was afraid to go to the hospital. My son came into this world on January 23rd, and though there are not so many cases in Punjab, we ourselves are not members of the family. However, it was not until then that the moment was decisive, and it is very difficult. I used to avoid going to the hospital with my baby, and I’m going to call my doctor up and in place,” she said.

Manisha said that it was a vaccination visit, is that difficult for her. “My son had a vaccine on the 11th of April. I called the doctor and they told me that if I wanted to, I could take him to the hospital for a dose — I just thought of it as a very risky business. This is with my branch manager, who was due in April, I suggested that I come in contact with the Cloudnine Hospital to get the vaccination done at home. This was my first order and I was afraid that touching anything in the hospital, or wait for another. It also helped that the vaccinations occurred in the home, and I was able to feed and pacify the baby by the front of the house,” she said.

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This year, Manisha had planned a lot of things, starting with a post-pregnancy-photo-shoot are cancelled due to the pandemic. This mother’s day, and she was grateful that she, at least, at home with her baby and her husband.

The world is stumbling and struggling to get out of such a pandemic, these kinds of experiences give us hope that a new life is welcomed each and every day, there can be a lot more happy in the beginning.

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