The latest update brings the DocVault ID, and the April patch, to the Realme Of 5, Pro


Realme has released a new software update for the Realme Of 5 Pro, which bumps up the Android security-patch-level smartphone in April, by the year 2020.

The new building, take into account the version RMX1971EX_11.C.03, brings together the DocVault-ID to specify the 5 Pro’s, but at the moment it is exclusively for the indian market.

Realme Of 5, Pro

Realme Of 5, Pro

In addition, the new update squashes a few bugs and improves the quality of the sound. Check out the full changelog below for all the details.

  • Safety and security
    • Android security April 2020
  • The application
    • Added DocVault-ID feature, (India)
  • Well-known issues that have been resolved
    • – Optimized the audio quality of third-party apps
    • Added a down arrow to the right of the list of the most current information on the location of the request is in the dark mode, the
    • The problem is solved in that the indication display will appear each time the client is playing the music
    • Fixed an issue where the alarm will be turned off automatically after it has been approved by the task in the background

This update is currently rolling on a very small number of users, and a wider roll-out will begin in just a couple of days and if no major bugs are found.



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