The Last Airbender, x Pokemon Art Represents the Perfect Gym Leaders


Avatar: The Last Airbender it is a huge popularity as a cult classic, the series has returned to the top of the pop culture mountain, thanks to its recent release on Netflix, and this fits in perfectly well with the other hugely popular animated series on its way to Netflix around the same time Pokemon Journey: The Series. These two series couldn’t be more different when it comes to what each of them has a motivation, but they both share a dedicated fan-bases that will continue to celebrate their favorite franchise characters, a year after their debut.

One of the most exciting aspects of this is a fan celebrating for Avatar: The Last Airbender specifically, all lots of new fan art that was shared at the celebration of the fact that the The Last One Throughout go back into the general pop culture lexicon after all these years. This has led to a number of the killer in the merger, represent The Last One Throughout‘s cast in the animated world.

Artist @mojogonv (who will work on Twitter herehas been proposed for a cool cross-over between Avatar: The Last Airbender and Though where is the cast of the fan-favorite Nickelodeon series Though teams are on their own. This type of art is it an easy step further to suggest not only that, but they would have a Gym Leader with a team that is in line with their bending abilities, but the Gym Badges as well. You can find the great crossover of art listed below:

The two Avatar: The Last Airbender and Though currently celebrating great successes with the new releases via Netflix. Though Throughout it is to be seen in the video for the last couple of years, it was the arrival, on the popular streaming platform, it means that more fans than ever before. This is especially true for the Thoughthe new series Pokemon Journeysthe exclusive streaming deal will unfold in the next few years. But, what do you think?

What kind of Avatar: The Last Airbender character that would make for a great Gym Leaders in the Though? Would you have to play a whole match, the merging of the two franchises together, or would it be more appropriate for an anime series? That is Avatar: The Last Airbender the character would have to be the best overall Though the team? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or you can even, in my opinion, about all things animated, and other fun stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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