The Google Pixel and the Samsung S20-the family will receive July’s security patches


It may not be July 1st, but today is the first day of the month and that means only one thing-Google is getting ready to send a new batch of monthly security patches are still being supported Pixel format. At this time, there is no function to drop a like in the last month, so you have to have security fixes, but hey, this is important so your phone is protected from nasty vulnerabilities.

As usual with Google, the roll-out, it may take a few days (or even weeks) for each of the supported Pixel units, that is, for the update, but it’s finally on the way. The build number for all your devices, and it is QQ3A.200705.002.

Samsung has been the roll-out of the July patches, and the members of its new flagship, the samsung Galaxy S20, the family, and even prefaced that Google is rolling out a couple of days to a number of markets. In the US, if you are building a number of G98xU1UES1ATFB (where “x” is a number of the members of the S20 line of your own. Over in Europe, the company is rolling out to build G98xxXXU3ATFG (where the lower case letters “xx” will vary according to the model).

There is no information for the US models, but for the union’s Exynos-based devices, apart from the new security fixes, you are also promised to improve the performance of the camera, at the very least, on the S20 Ultra 5G.

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