The Google lenses can now speak the text you want to scan it, copy it to your computer


The Extra time at home has given us a great opportunity to pick up a new language, but since we don’t, we’ll be happy to see that the new features have been added to the Google camera’s Lens. The app is able to help you with your pronunciation, practice the image, the text and the camera, and then press “Listen”. It works in a few words, and even entire paragraphs.

Sometimes we run into things we don’t understand it, even if they are in plain English. Now, you can select a word or a concept, and do a Google search with a single click. As usual, it will deliver useful results, Wikipedia, and other sites, or videos.

If you are the type of person to take handwritten notes, you can easily transfer them to your computer. Google Lens able to use the handwriting recognition feature for a while now, but with the new version, you can use the “copy to computer”, that is, the transmission of the text from your phone to sign in to the Chrome browser that you have open.

The new features are now available in the Google Camera app for the Android platform. As with the previous version, you will have to wait a little bit to the Listening position, but the other two positions are now available.



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