The device 14 to function shows just how many apps are snooping on your clipboard


A new feature in the iOS 14 a developer beta 1 has a number of users to be surprised. The feature is intended to alert the user every time an app access to the clipboard, for whatever reason, and let’s just say that there’s a lot to have a lot of apps today, which provides access to the clipboard, for seemingly no reason at all.

If you are working with the built-in 14, developer’s beta of 1, and an entry to copy it to your clipboard, and then the OS will see a pop-up notification appears at the top of the screen to inform you when an app has permission to access the data in the clipboard. The video below shows it in action. Make sure you watch it in full screen so you can see the top of the video to which the annotations appear.

The user in this video has been copied from a picture on iMessage, and then opened a series of apps. In any case, with iOS showing a notification at the top of which it is aware, it is the user who is using the app to open to open the data on the clipboard, and iMessage.

The apps are all loose, and out of all the different categories, but they all seem to have one thing in common, they all have access to the data on the clipboard. It’s hard to say whether or not these applications have been chosen at random, as it is the only one of the apps on the device, and the user who has access to data on the disk.

Now, before panic sets in, it’s worth pointing out that applications often require access to the system clipboard, for a variety of reasons. In Chrome, for example, it will be in your clipboard as a URL, and then when you tap on the address bar. Popular Reddit app, and Apollo (not shown here) will be in your clipboard if you have a reddit link to be pasted, and then ask you if you want the link to open up the inside of Apollo.

Christian Selig, the developer of the even took it on Reddit in order to explain why the app needs access to the clipboard and how it works. According To Selig,

It’s literally just like, “Hey, iOS has a URL to the clipboard? Oh, and there is a Reddit one? Ok, cool, let me ask them if they would like to open it up.” Of course, at no point is there anything else to be done, such as leaving the device in it or something. It will allow you to see this banner, even if there are any Reddit URL, because you need to check the URL to see if it’s a Reddit URL in the first place. Schrödinger’s Reddit URL. However, the clipboard API, iOS, 14) and was very open to it, as someone else said, what if the medical records have been saved to the clipboard as text? Also, in Apollo’s case, that doesn’t qualify it as a URL, so it wouldn’t be “you”.

Selig, that’s only because it’s not an app not an abuse of the data on the clipboard, this does not mean that the other apps don’t. He also admits that, in his case, just his word.

The good thing is that this is a rather scary-looking message that will lead up to the developers to lock their apps to get access to the clipboard, and if it’s not necessary, just to avoid the pop-up will appear. And for apps that require it, the developers would have to explain why they should be given access to the system clipboard.

It is important to note that Apple is not blocking the access to the system clipboard by default, here’s how it works for things such as a camera, a microphone, or a location. That would be the end of a whole bunch of apps right away. Instead, it has chosen to warn the user that their data will be able to get it read by other applications, so that they can be more careful with it. And if it causes users and developers to adopt better practices, it is still a win in the end.

This is the first beta, so this feature may go through a number of changes, modifications, or may not even be the final build. We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

P. P. P. S. This is not an iOS problem. This is the normal behavior on all platforms, and why is a password managers will auto-clear the clipboard after a set period of time.


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