The Chinese apps are not banned: Govt to expose the fake-NIC-order


Clearing up the confusion with a fake NIC to be up against the Chinese apps in India, the Indian government has recently stated that there will be no instructions have been given to Google or Apple to block apps in the country. The fake-NIC’s order, which has apparently gone viral in the country, it is a hoax, and not genuine. Also Read – OnePlus, Xiaomi products will be sold out, despite the trending of anti-Chinese sentiment

In the midst of the current tensions between neighbouring countries India and China, there is a recent complication at the border, and that caused some of the big-time, anti-Chinese sentiment in the country. Among the many elements that are followed with a movement of the most popular Chinese brands including smartphone-based applications. Also Read – Micromax planning of 3 new smart phones in the middle of a protest against the Chinese brands

Take A Look At: Weekly News Roundup – June 19,

According to the fake news that the Indian Government had to take control of the regional executive, with representatives from Google and Apple to “reduce the force, of the Chinese applications from their respective stores, with immediate effect”. The fake message went to press, the name of the application associated with the one of Chinese origin. This includes the TikTok, CamScanner, VMate, Vigo, in, Video, LiveMe, Bigo, Live, Beauty Plus, and much, much more. The list also includes some of the most popular games, such as Mobile, local Legends, Clash of Kings, and a Gale from the Sultan. Also, Read The 52 Chinese apps, red flag, by the Indian Intel agencies, TikTok, ShareIt, UC, Browser, Clean Master is in the list

In this report, however, is not to be confused with another recent report, the Indian intelligence agencies asked the government to block it, or advise people to stop using a lot of applications that seems to be the extraction of information from the user. This is a Chinese apps, 52 in number, are the TikTok, ShareIt, UC Browser Xender, Clean Master, and many more.

The concern raised was that the application in question and, ultimately, the extraction of a vast amount of personal data and sending it out to India, said: “people who are well-known to be the case in a report by the Hindustan Times. The list of applications includes the popular tools that are used by a lot of people in the country.

According to the report, a senior government official said that the recommendations of the intelligence and security services against the Chinese apps had been supported by the National Security Council Secretariat, which was that the apps could be detrimental to the country’s security. “The discussions on the recommendations will continue,” said an official, adding that the risks that are associated with each of the 52 Chinese apps, you will need to be examined by such a measure, it can be done.


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