The Charles Paddock Zoo Presents ‘Running with the Dogs’ • Atascadero News


ATASCADERO, On Your marks, get set, GO! You are all welcome to join in with the wild Animals and fund-raising. The Charles Paddock Zoo has announced a new virtual event that will engage the community in a healthy and fun activity, while supporting the Zoo’s ongoing conservation and education efforts, all at the same time. Running with the wild Dogs, it is a way for families to stay active together, as is the support of the centre.

The members of the community are encouraged to sign-up and join the contest at any time between Jan. 22 until the end of August. 28, walk, or hike, bike, or skateboarding, indoor or outdoor, for a half-marathon, 10K, 5K, or 1 mile, your choice, your way. Your participation is the only thing that matters, and you’ve got a whole week to get to the finish of the contract.

All registrants will be entered into a drawing to win Disneyland tickets. So please, for yourself, the kids, the grandparents, and start to work out. All of the races are $10 per person, or you can choose to upgrade your registration for $20 will receive an official Run with the wild Animals, the t-shirt. You can register now

The day began with the flora and Fauna of a virtual event is completely on the honor system. You do not need to prove to us that you are participating in it, but you are encouraged to upload photos of your family, a company, a video of your run, or take a picture of your fitness watch, pedometer, or anything else that will get you from a distance. Join in from any location, just let us know where you are participating on our social media channels!

With a week to go to the finish of the event, the participants will be reminded to stick to the CDC-recommended safe distance from lines; wear a facemask when they are in a public place and at a safe distance, it is not possible; and avoid the trails and paths during the peak hours. Corporate sponsorships are also available. If you are interested in sponsoring this event or if you would like more information, e-mail address

The Charles Paddock Zoo is located at Atascadero Lake Park on the Morro Road, a mile west of highway 101. More than 200 animals call the Charles Paddock Zoo home, including red pandas, monkeys, meerkats, parrots, a Malayan Tiger, and a variety of reptiles and much, much more. For more information about the Zoo or call 805-461-5080.


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