The CERT alerts about new credit card fraud on the internet


India has millions and millions of internet users, which makes them the perfect target for scammers. And, according to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), there is a new attack model, looking to steal their data and money. The cyber body is interpreted to have a credit card skimming in the campaign, by means of an e-commerce web sites. Also Read – Microsoft to launch Windows File Recovery software to restore deleted files

The attacks targeted the web sites hosted on Microsoft’s IIS web server, and run ASP.NET a web application framework CERT-In explained. Apparently, Microsoft does not provide support for this framework. And with this, the web sites are running on the server, is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Also, Read the New Android vulnerability alert released by the CERT-In

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Very easy to understand, CERT-In, would the owners of those websites update their framework to the latest version. In addition to this, they will want to make sure that they will do an audit of all the applications and the server database. In this way, they will be able to keep track of the malicious files that are located in the back-end to the exploitation of a security weakness. Also Read – CERT issues alert on ‘Locky’ ransomware is spreading in India

The details will be shared by the CERT-In was because of a recent Malwarebytes Labs in a report. It had discovered the flaw referred to as CVE-2017-9248, to the ASP.NET permitted to to to steal your credit card details. But that’s not all, the problem may allow attackers to steal passwords of the users, he said. The report said the incidents, which were observed for the first time in April of this year, when online transactions became at the top of the lock, and in many parts of the world.

The Firmware updates are essential in order to ensure that the website and the maps are free of any wrongdoing. And it is crucially important that the website developers to carry out regular audits in order to verify the cleanliness of the platform and the updating of the framework.

Android, which is notified by CERT-In

Back in June, CERT-In had alerted to new security vulnerabilities are affecting Android users. “An elevation of privilege vulnerability with the name “StrandHogg 2.0”, was reported to be on Google’s Android platform.

The vulnerability has been detected in the application that is installed on the device. This app will not alert the user because they will not be able to detect any problems. And when you start to use the app, which could allow an attacker to gain access to the data on your phone. That would allow them to get messages, pictures, as well as all of the apps on the phone.


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