The Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr Celebrated His 80th Birthday Together With the International Space Station, NASA! Check it out!!!


It was the Beatles ‘ drummer, Ringo Starr’s 80th birthday, and while the whole world seems to be celebrating with the stars of the artist, so it’s something that might shock fans out there.

The International Space Station was Celebrated by The famous Drummer is Ringo Starr’s 80th Birthday.

Apparently, the International Space Station, came forward and saluted the stars and the drummer, while 260 miles above the Earth. Our very own Ringo Starr turned 80 on July 7th. This day was celebrated by all in abundance.

An Astronaut Had been seen driving in to the station and who want to be her next home, a very happy birthday. In fact, it’s thanks to the iconic drummer and his message of peace, joy, and love that has been cherished by us all. She wished him a very happy birthday along with the entire team in the space. Take a look at the post about the anniversary, see below!

And The Drummer Have Decided To Celebrate This Day With A Little Bit Of Little Bit Different This Time Around. Take a Look at it?

In the meantime, the birthday boy decided to celebrate his birthday a little differently this time, and announced a virtual concert, and was joined by fellow Band members, Paul McCartney and guitarist Joe Walsh. The money will be raised from the concert will go to the well being of Black Life, From the world wide web, the David Lynch Foundation, Musicares, and With.

Several celebrities have been in the organization of the virtual.comply with and perform concerts to raise money for a variety of COVID fund, and this money is going to be for the well-being of the people who are in need, and for the betterment of the medical staff as well. Lady Gaga recently partnered with several other organizations, and led to a huge virtual concert, with nearly all of the celebrities from the music fraternity, it is of little shows and performances.


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