The Apple store is in Vienna, Austria, the netherlands, will be the first one to re-open in Europe


In response to the COVID-19 breakout, Apple has made its stores all over the world, except for mainland China. And the countries end up taking a number of break in the case may be, of the company is on the lookout for the re-opening of the first store in Europe, and one in Vienna, Austria.

Tim Cook has already said that the re-opening of its stores in germany and Australia soon, but no official time table has been issued. But, according to the Todaythe store will be opening today, May 5.

In the stores, it is very difficult and requires a certain amount of planning. After all, they do draw crowds, and provide a hands-on demo of the product, and these are the two things that play an important role in the exposure of a lot of people are getting the infection. Frequent disinfection and the reduction of the number of people in the store were very friendly and helpful.

As of now, Apple continues to encourage customers to shop online, as the stores will have to focus more on service and support.



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