Texas-Hits-New-High-for-Confirmed-COVID-19 Cases, in only One Day


The corona virus is currently putting up huge numbers in Texas, as Governor, Greg Abbott, has announced a new daily high for the state, according to the CNN.

The increase in the number of cases is believed to be linked to a facility for assisted living in the near of Dallas and is in the neighborhood of Austin. The state had to 2,622 cases on Tuesday. The previous record was on June 10, the state saw 2,504 new cases.

“Even though there are more and more people are in the hospital, but we are still at the lowest threat level to our hospital capacity,” he said. The state currently has nearly 15,000 beds.

With the rise of the global epidemic-the numbers are not limited to, the Texas, like Arizona, is seeing an increase in the number of. On Tuesday, in Arizona, as recorded 2,392 cases, thus to their total of 39,097.


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