Telegram Messenger was launched in the app, a Video Editor at its platform,


A Telegram has been added in the app is a Video Editor included in the latest update, with a slew of other advanced features, on a Friday. In a press release, the Telegram it is noted that the video enhancement feature will allow users to be able to tweak the videos in a single tap with a dozen of parameters, such as saturation, brightness, etc., etc. a zoom-in option during the draw. Also Read – WhatsApp Beta for Android gets Animated stickers, and just like Telegram and Hike

The WhatsApp competitor, and now added two-step authentication, animated stickers, talk, Gif, and more. Users will be able to add animated stickers to the photos and the videos during the editing process, which can later turn into Gif’s as well. The app also has a new, attractive and speak with the Gif’s for the user in the chat, its accessories. Also Read – 10 Is the Telegram has over WhatsApp, the gate will be in 2020

In addition, from a data protection perspective, the messaging platform, the company has introduced Two-step verification for their users. They can then click on the “Privacy & Security” the option to enable Two-step authentication for safety. Users will need to have a new password twice, and was followed by a password hint as a reminder. This function would be responsible for the protection of the app data, and secure the accounts of cloning in the future. Also, Read the Telegram, add a Slow Mode and the silent messages in the app, Here’s how it works

Now this is a Two-step authentication, a password is enabled on a particular account, anyone attempting to log in from a new device, that person will be asked to provide the password, and they will have to use the one-time pad.

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The Telegram Messenger, a new Cache management tools. With this tool you can directly clean up of the storage, in accordance with the requirements. Users will need to go to the Go to the settings > Data in the Storage > Storage in order to see how much memory is being used up by the files on Telegram. They will be able to choose on a scale of one to when they want to get their earlier material, ranging from 3 days to forever. This will remove the un-reviewed data can also be re-downloaded later on in the Telegram cloud.


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