Tamar Braxton Shows Off A New Hairdo And Fans Are Not Tired Of Her Look


Tamar Braxton is out with a new hair-do, and the fans are in love with her curly hair. Check out the video she shared on her social media account below.

A man told Tamar: ‘Girrrlllll! you have captured great beauty, “and someone said,” Your husband is a real one!!! He’s standing with his people, and for that I have respect for him.”

Another commenter posted: ‘Lovely picture of you Tamar, your hair is beautiful, and someone said,” You are so beautiful, love that hair style on you, all the way from SA.’

Someone else said: @tamarbraxton I just wanted to give you encouragement and tell you to keep on doing the damn thing!!!!!! You have to remember that I have seen so many of my own … and you don’t have a Fish, too !’

Another fan posted: ‘the Tamar and the Braxton extraordinaire, we can talk about it to her, and can you please tell me where I can find it ? To be at once.

We has been really active on Twitter these days. She said George was on the Cover of murder at a variety of jobs.

A person had to be responding to Language programs, re-entry:


Other than that, We shared the message of the Ice Cube, and tells her fans that, until there is no justice, there will be no peace.

CelebrityInsider.org – Looking Back:


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