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Steve Nash has given his two pence on one of the hottest topics in the NBA over the past year. At some point after for the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan-the 10-part docuseries on the light and saw it three weeks ago and still have not stopped arguing about who was the greatest player of all time.

Nash is the latest addition to the list is the name of Jordan is the GOAT of basketball, and is followed by two of the biggest stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, respectively. He came up with “All the Smoke” podcast where he was asked by his co-host, Matt Barnes grade by Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, in that order.

“I do think that MJ is my man for sure, all the time. If you’re talking about Kobe and LeBron, I can understand why people are LeBron and where he is-whether for the first or the second in many people’s eyes. If you look at the big picture of all LeBron has done in the course of his career, it’s hard to argue with,” Nash said.

“I think that, at best, Kobe is up there with any of them. At that time he was on a plane, and is playing at his best, he was as good as we’ve ever seen before. I think that you are likely to hear me say this: Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, in the overall picture,” he summed up.

Nash will also present his views on MJ and how he himself felt, faced with the Jordan’s on the court. The two-time MVP, seven-time All-NBA and eight-time All-Star admitted that he was afraid of the sight of Michael on the floor.

“We don’t have as much access to back up every single thing on Instagram or YouTube, let alone watching the matches live, so MJ was a” must-see TV. He just had this look on top of all of the skills and abilities as well as mentally, you have to know how big it is.

To play a game against him, and the one thing that I can think of is that he, unlike the other players I’ve played against it, it is the case that there was a real fear of playing against him. I’ve never seen the competition as a bit of a fear of a player to have a lot of respect for as a player,” Nash added.

It is not a coincidence. Jordan was a fierce competitor. Not only that his rivals were afraid of him, but his own team-mates. Well, it worked for MJ, who is a 6 times NBA champion and considered to be the biggest baller in the game has ever seen.


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