Stephanie McMahon Returns to WWE Raw; Raw is Announced the Women’s Championship Match for Next Week


Stephanie McMahon made a rare appearance in this week’s Monday Night Raw, a video to see the condition of the Raw Women’s Championship title. Go back to The Horror-Show of Extreme Rules with the title, the match between Asuka and the Central Banks have apparently ended when Bayley took the shirt off the unconscious referee, put it on its own and had to be fixed with pins to the banking system. The two then walked out of the arena, with the Raw Women’s Championship title, even though it was pretty obvious that the pin is not really adding up.

The two of the beads appeared on this week’s Raw to brag about it to the Banks, and the victory and the boss declared himself as a double champion, as dyer et al. Asuka and Kairi are Healthy, arrived, and was threatening to fall, but Appeared to have suddenly appeared on the screen behind them. They said that the Banks do not have the Raw Champion, and that she and Asuka would have a rematch on next week’s Raw.

However, there is an additional twist, if the Banks are doing something against the rules, or as Bayley is concerned, they will automatically lose the match.

Bayley and Healthy and then began to up their game in the singles matches.

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