Star Wars, the Artist Acknowledges Babu Frik, it Was Inspired by Big Trouble in Little China


Dating back to the original Star Wars trilogy, the artists drew inspiration for their creations from a variety of sources, with the creature designer and sculptor Ivan Manzella has recently been confirmed that he was, when he was with the design of the Babu Frik for Star Wars: The Rise of Serieshe turned to Victor Wong’s character is Egg Shen from John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China there will be inspiration. Fans who are familiar with the movie, you will probably recognize this one is inspired by the pint-sized droidsmith, this one is a tribute to one of the more unconventional ways in which a galaxy far, far, far, far away, paid it’s respects to the ambitious fantasy film.

“When I was designing it, I’m a model, and I’ve got a series of about eight or nine heads in a variety of expressions, and then I was going to have to rely on Victor’s Hand from the Big Trouble in Little ChinaEgg Shen, that’s who I had in my head all the time,” Manzella will be shared with the Strength Of Material in his podcast. “Yes, yes, in my opinion, was always the Victor’s Hand. That’s kind of how it is in my head. I would never have thought of him, with that voice, but it’s worked out so well, and that’s a big part of its charm, as well. I think that those two things came together really, really well.”

The character was, after all, the voice of Shirley Henderson, who many fans may know it as “Moaning Myrtle” in the Harry Potter franchise. No matter how brief his appearance was in the film, the actress, who was previously teased what they are supposed to have been out of the story.

“In addition, the cinema, Babu has lived a life,” Henderson shared with the Vanity Fair. “Somewhere there’s a love lost. He thinks about her sometimes, especially when he goes into his studio and let his thoughts drift away. This is what I have in mind, no matter what.”

The actress also recalled her experience of the show from the Babu for the first time.

“One night I was sitting in a hotel room, about to get into my pajamas, and go to the land, then, and Nina Gold, the casting director, called me up and asked me if I would like to meet J. J. Abrams and audition for him……When it came to the day,” the actress detailed. “I was brought in to J. J.’s office and said good-bye. However, there were no real instructions, so I was down on the ground and got as low as I could and he started to talk, when I thought that the character would be able to do. Minutes later, J. J.’s in a small model of an old man, and put it down on the coffee table, and said: ‘well, This is Babu Frik.'”

Star Wars: The Rise of Series currently, the streaming of Disney+.

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