Stacey Dash And Her Husband, Jeffrey, Marty, A Divorce, Seven Months After The Domestic Violence Incident


Stacey Dash and the Beginning of doc and Marty’s relationship is officially over. Us Magazine confirmed today that Stacey Dash took to her Instagram to reveal the sad news. She delivered the news bluntly to her Instagram, stating that she and her husband made the decision on the termination of their marriage.

As most know, she and Michael have been involved a domestic dispute incident about seven months ago. The 53-year-old Clueless star, and robert zemeckis had been struggling for years to be a source I mentioned before.

Dash, in her Instagram post, and said that she and her husband thought long and hard and decided that it was the best thing for them to do. The Clueless the stars closed captioned her post with a series of Christian hash-tags.

According to the New York Post, she and Michael got married in April of 2018, after only ten days of knowing each other. The manager said in his column at the time that she and Marty wanted to keep the relationship in the public eye.

It’s the end of their romance, which is winding up this is because, as was pointed out above, Back and in the Dash were involved in in September 2019 and a domestic battery incident. The police of the incident, and said the struggle began after a verbal argument.

So allegedly punched him in the face and pushed him to be so good, and the red scratches on his arm. In a statement, at the time, said that the incident was blown out of proportion and that the arrest was merely a “formality.” Michael never pressed charges.

Reportedly, the Dash has experienced domestic violence in the past. In the statement, by her attornies, it was said that the Dash is a domestic violence survivor,” and to encourage those who have been hurt, so to speak. For this reason, she was distressed by the false positives.

In October 2019, however, the Dash and pleaded not guilty to a domestic violence charge that was later dropped. It was not long before the incident, the Dash, took to her Twitter account to say that she and her husband were, like many other couples, had had a dispute, and that is ugly.


This will be the fourth divorce for the Characters. She was married to Emmanuel Xuereb James Maby and Brian Lovell, as well.

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