Spotify finally comes to Amazon So it in India


Audio streaming giant Spotify has just released a very important announcement for her fans in the Indian market. According to the announcement, Spotify, will finally be supported for the Amazon Echo device. This means that the Amazon Echo, users will be able to ask Alexa to play music, radio, music, alarm, and even play podcasts. This is finally the year after the company initially launched the Amazon Echo, as well as products on the market today. Rather, the e-commerce giant does not support the playback of the music service. Instead, users had to play music via Amazon Prime Music. Let’s check out for more information about the program to support that … So here, including the new voice command, and much more. Also, Reading Music, removes the 10,000 song limit is in the user’s library

Spotify support is finally available on Amazon So; for details, see

According to the information available to it, the streaming company revealed that both the total and the free tier, users will be able to use it. It is also worth noting that this support was already available on Amazon, So in the other markets outside of India. To begin with, users need to open up the Amazon, So the app and go to the “Settings” section. Once there, they will need to tap on the “Music” option, and then select the “Link to Service”. Here, users have to find and select “Music” from the list. The company has also revealed that after this step, users need to use their Spotify credentials in order to log in to their Spotify account. Also, Reading Music is a 3-month free trial, as Rs 699 one-year subscription is back

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After the installation, the Spotify, the user will be given a questionnaire about their favorite artists and the craft assembled this playlist, along with “personalized playlists”. The company will use this information to create and optimize all of the audio feeds will be available. Besides this, the company is also in the Music Skill that’s recently made its way online. Also, Reading Music, Group Sessions feature allows you to share your play queue with their friends in real-time

Spotify also mentioned a few of the voice commands is that in the Amazon, So users will be able to use it in order to gain access to a wide range of content. It is also clear that the new feature is only available on Amazon, So the app. The company is currently in the process of bringing the support, on the other the Amazon Semrush-powered devices, including the speaker, and the Fire TV.


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