Sony’s move is only 400,000 smartphones in Q1


Sony, which has its earnings report for the V1 season (January – March), and the results have been far from favourable. The legendary Japanese manufacturer has managed to ship only 400,000 smartphones in this period of time, an all-time low in recent history. In Q1, shipments, and, in particular, with 64% compared to the same period in the previous year, marking the biggest dip in this category at all. The last time the company saw a positive annual growth rate, the phone line was back in Q2 2017.

The new report also gives us more of an insight into the performance of the company’s 2019 fiscal year, Sony managed to ship about 3.2 million Xperia smartphones and tablets. For reference, the 2018 fiscal year, 6.5 million shipments for Sony’s smartphones and tablets. On the basis of the performance in the past, which is the first line of the shipments, there will be a sharp decline over the past three years, and she has a new line-up, it would be better to do it as it is, it is in order to maintain relevance in the market place.

Sony is fully committed to the preservation of the smartphone business with the Xperia 1 II, and sony Xperia 10 and II, which are in accordance with the schedule in the month of June. The company has also confirmed that smartphone in factories in China and Thailand, which, under normal circumstances, but there are a number of suppliers of components in Malaysia and the Philippines will be faced with delays, which will in turn be able to slow down some of its products in the future.

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