Sony releases a video of the photographer, Nick Didlick rates of the pool 1 and (II camera


Sony Xperia s-YouTube-a video with the release of Xperia 1 and II (one point), with a pro, a photographer, Nick Didlick’s talk about the camera. Didlick, has 40 years of experience in photo journalism and sports photography, and he especially appeals to you about the phone is the 1, II, the functions of the camera.

Didlick is normal if a new Sony Alpha, 9-series, and he is very enthusiastic about the use of a similar camera experience on the phone is to 1. II. Photography Pro app is separate from the main camera app, and gives you control over ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.

This is the first Sony phone to use the glass to Zeiss lenses, so we’re excited to see what this camera will be in a position to do so once we get our hands on it. This camera can also be a continuous focus tracking of up to 20fps. Just as it is the first 1, the 1-II has a naked eye, but with the 1-II may also lead to the pet’s eyes in focus.

The dedicated shutter button is a great feature of the sony Xperia phones, and its nice to see it here. In short, Didlick was talking about the use of the screen, for example, from the pictures, it is to be expected with a 6.5 ” OLED panel with 4K resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II –

Some low-light samples taken with the 1II will have leaked out over the past month, but we still have to wait to see how it really is in the public light. This camera has a 12MP sensor with a f/1.7 aperture, and the 1.8-µm pixels. There is a 12MP ultra-wide camera with a 12MP tele-camera and a 3D ToF sensor, which helps to calculate the value of the subjects position in the rapid-fire photography is the photographing of a moving image.

The ultra-1 and II-expected to debut in Taiwan early this month, but only to the ultra-10 and II-was launched. We are looking for the sony Xperia 1 and-II, and will let you know when you think you are free.



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