Sony play station with 5 pages to go live on Flipkart and Amazon India


After much fanfare, Sony finally took the wraps off the PlayStation 5 console in the game play reveal event for the other. And as for the world, and other companies are a selection of things that Sony and Microsoft are sticking to their guns. And they want to release their next generation of consoles on the Us by 2020, as promised. Even though the reports claim that, in the first instance, to the number of units that will be available for the Sony PlayStation 5 may be reduced. Also Read – Sony PS5 is going to be for the third pre-order at $700; the PlayStation, the boss is the price

Now, the user wants to be a 5 month long promotion has gone live on both the Flipkart and Amazon India. In the pages to come up with a button to allow users to be informed when more details become available. In addition to this, the data can also be shared on the page for the PS5, accessories, and games that will be coming to India as well. Also Read – Sony PS5 puncture with the suggestion of a 2 TB version, which can be costing $ 599 (us)

PlayStation 5 accessories for the indian market

– Pulse-3-Wireless stereo Headset Also Read – Sony PS5 games, the event moved to June 11

Media Remote

– DualSense Charging Station


PS5 games games, free to attend

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

– Horizon, Prohibited From The West

– Gran Turismo 7

Demon’s Souls

– Ratchet and Clank: Reef out of Each other

– You Want Him To Be A Great Adventure

Destruction AllStars

– Returnal

If, when you pre-order it from PS5, can live, Sony has not clarified anything yet. The price of PS5 console has not been revealed, as is the case for all of the markets all over the world.

Talking about the price, rumors, Sony, PlayStation 5 price, are of the order of the day as well. And most of the people believe that the future of consoles, it would be expensive. And the leaks so far have suggested reasonably priced, ranging from $699 to 499 Euros. For that reason, when the price was revealed to be in the Indian currency, we do not expect it to be quite high.

As for availability in India, and previous reports have claimed that it is in line with the global launch. In fact, most of the retailers seem to have hope for the Sony PlayStation, the 5, on is no longer available at the launch. For Sony, it is the preservation of the Us by the year 2020 ” timeline, and still is, to share a specific date of release.


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