Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II goes on pre-order in the united states and Europe


The Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II-is now on pre-order in the US from B&H, and in the Netherlands by Belsimpel. No mention of a specific date on which the list has faded in 4 weeks estimates of online availability, that would mean the month of June.

This is a pre-order two days prior to the pool 1 and (II goes on sale in Japan, carrier KDDI.

The Sony flagship will at a cost of €1,199 for a private 8/256GB model, but it comes bundled with a pair of Sony WHITE-1000XM3 wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, which are normally of a value of £ 280 on their own. Last year, the ultra-1 came with a free 1000XM3 cans.

Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II -

Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II –

There have been whispers of the ultra-1 and II-is going global by the end of May for months now. However, with no delivery date in the listing the availability will most likely be pushed back to June.

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