Sony claims to be the first sensor with a built-in AI capabilities


Sony has recently stated that the development of the world’s first image sensor with built-in artificial intelligence. The new sensor is reportedly promising to make the data collection tasks faster and more secure. Sony went on to call on the state of technology, the first of its kind, and it would give you the “smart vision” for the cameras in a variety of retail and industrial use-cases. Also Read – Sony’s PlayStation 4 reached 110 million in sales

One of the new Sony sensors are tiny computers with a logic processor and a memory. As a result, they’re able to recognize images, no how to generate them. This makes it possible to use the sensors to do a COMPUTER-based tasks, such as counting objects, identifying objects, and more, in real-time, without taking it to a different chipset. As it is now does not have a digital footprint from the data, in the form of an actual image of the chip, in theory, aids, privacy, and it works very quickly. The chip allows the analysis and object tracking is now possible, in principle, the near-instant speed. Also Read – Sony-PlayStation-4-with a discount for Rs 27,990 in India; to be available to the new cyber-portal

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Sony will be equipped with the technology and collaboration with tech giants, including names such as Huawei, and Google, the companies that are making chips is dedicated to AI processing. The model, implemented in a smartphone camera, you can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the use cases of Augmented Reality applications. Also Read – Sony-PlayStation-PS-Plus-subscription Games on The Shop, review

In terms of specifications, the new AI, the better the sensors, which are able to commit to a regular 12-megapixel image with a resolution of up to 4K video recording at up to 60 fps. You can see the sensor is not only small but metadata is about what it has seen. Sony suggests it can be used to count and keep track of the visitors in the public space, or the creation of heat maps or other similar applications.

The Sony sensor is, ultimately, smartphones,

While the primary intended use of the technology will be for businesses, consumers, applications can also take full advantage of it. Take a smart phone camera, and then set the phone to be able to detect objects and to keep it sharp and in focus, which help you make a film and keep the focus on the fast-or erratically-moving subjects, for example. According to a report from the The international monetary fundSony has reportedly shipped samples of the new sensors with potential customers. The majority of these are likely to occur in the b2b segment of the industry.


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