Social Media And The Art Of Clowning T. I Still Have A Grandfather


T., I have made several problematic statements about women in general. The latest scandal included the revelation that his daughter, Deyjah Harris, and gets her hymen checked to see if she was still a virgin.

However, a T., I t ‘ s step-daughter, Zonnique Pullins, who recently revealed that she is five months pregnant with a baby girl.

Although, Zonnique, is 24, and Deyjah is still a teen-ager, social media users have found it to be ironic that the rapper will become a grandfather, when he was 40-years-old.

They also proposed that the microscope that he and Deyjah are under really need to be tuned in to the Pullins who is dating Badhunta Izzy.

Especially since he took it upon himself to speak to you about Deyjah’s virginity on a public platform in which she was absolutely mortified to hear about it, according to the latest episode of The Family hustle and Bustle.

Under the comments section of The Ward, Talking to the post, the followers had a lot to say.

‘T. I. went to be with the wrong daughter to the doctor for 🥴,’ it wrote.

“I feel that TI is a burden on out of here,” he said to the other person.

“It is, therefore, to wait for 5 months and it is a people’s magazine shoot, and he didn’t know a d***,’ said this person.

Another said, ” He’s all over the place now, his head spinning like Spongebob in that episode when he couldn’t figure out the name of 😭😂😂😂.’

‘Still don’t like him, and he needs to apologize to his other daughter, and for the manner in which he exposed to her the one time,” a comment read.

“Wait, don’t tell me that she told him in front of the camera, that she was pregnant with 😂😩 chileeeeeee,” they couldn’t believe it.

Last week, T. and I, it turned out that he has apologized to Deyjah to hurt her feelings, but she had a strong message to the people who are condemning him for jumping to conclusions.

All of the other people who are arrogant and jump to conclusions and got into some freaky s*** f*** you!’

Congrats to Zonnique on her wonderful news.


What do you think of the tradition becoming one of pop’s pop?

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