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The number of hospital admissions remains low, and re-secure

On Wednesday, the San Luis Obispo County is holding its weekly, corona virus’s press office, the discussion of an increase in the positive test, the cluster outbreaks, facemasks, re-opening of the sectors, and the issue of racism.

SLO County Public Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein focus on the agenda of issues and questions with regard to the pandemic as a local job.

Health COVID-19 and is in perfect condition

The 52 cases in each of the last five days, 20 of the positive results reported today, with the surge in cases, it gives food for discussion from the community in relation to the sense of urgency to re-open the county’s economic activity. Borenstein went on a Wednesday briefing with her usual gait, which makes her the office, is to be measured and evidence-based actions for the protection of that for which it is responsible.

Constantly its position to focus on the more severe cases, hospitalization, and a stay in the INTENSIVE care unit of the residency program, all at a low level in a 52-case is going.

Of the 20 new cases reported on Wednesday, just as a hospitalization is required.

“We’re going to continue to be a good metric of the seriousness of the disease,” Borenstein said, “but our day-to-day, and the numbers have continued to rise slightly.”

Two main clusters are added in most of the cases, a SLO-based care facility, and another for a family graduation party in Atascadero.

It is a process that is the Province of the control of the distribution, confirms the positive test, such as contact tracing and testing of lifts up the percentages of positive tests. The control and quarantine of infected patients, it slows the spread, and at the same time, the increase of the positive test results.

“We will continue to get robust data on each case and contact tracing, for example,” Borenstein said. “With the exception of one case, a large number of our cases come from the planet. As I have said, and these meetings are the best way to combat the spread of the disease.”

Borenstein reported the break-in, San Luis Obispo-based care facility, where a total of 10 cases have been

“We have tested all of the persons who are residents or employees of the facility,” Borenstein said. “We have, therefore, provide a basis for testing for all the equipment.”

Over the past three months, and Borenstein, has fielded criticism from both extremes of the pandemic, the arguments at the same time, defend it in front of the public mandates the re-opening of the economy, and to keep the shutters on the windows. During the pandemic, and her positions on public health recommendations, and have seldom been moved as they have maintained a close relationship with the health-related facts about the corona virus outbreak in the County of SLO.

In the wake of the period of one day, in the case of counting, Borenstein is reflected in the vulnerability of the community to corona virus, which is mainly the elderly, have been affected.

“It’s a moment of pause, that is, we are not immune to these outbreaks,” Borenstein said of the care center.

Face mask precautions and Warnings

During Wednesday’s press briefing, a lot of the social media comments are concerned, the opinions on the face of the canopies, which is an area in which Borenstein has been moved to its position over the course of the pandemic. In her first message on face coverings is discharged with a considerable level of safety and security, but since then, it has encouraged the wearing of masks in a variety of scenarios and to halt far away on the basis of masks by means of a public health order.

“I’m still getting a lot of input from the general public (in both directions) about the importance of face coverings,” Borenstein said.

As the fire season begins, Borenstein alerted the public to the consideration of those facemasks are worn in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19-to protect against smoke inhalation.

“I just want to inform you that we the people should not have to have the appropriate level of security,” Borenstein said, “especially when the wearing of a surgical mask or a handkerchief for you. It’s not supposed to be protected from the particulate matter which is which, you can see it in a bush-fire through the smoke.”

Borenstein, people are advised to avoid smoke-filled rooms, and that the N95 mask is the only protective measure against wildfire smoke.

They have also promised to make the wearing of facemasks to protect against the spread of the COVID-19, please refer to the latest updates in the medical literature.

“I just want to say that the evidence is in favor of, and in support of the effectiveness of face coverings in situations where you will not be able to do so, the physical distance for a long period of time, especially indoors, face coverings can be an extra security measure and must not be used.

“It will slow down the spread of the disease, and it may be possible to stop the recurring waves of disease outbreaks or interrupt the outbreak. Has the potential to enable us to fully open our economy. If we are to continue to see a huge increase in your cases [facemasks] may have to find a way to slow down the spread.”

Borenstein is also directed to the use of chemical cleaning agents, in response to reports of increased calls to poison control centers regarding the use of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Hot water and soap is the best detergent,” Borenstein said, and recommended safety precautions when using bleach or other cleaning agents, including, for the avoidance of mixing chemical substances.

The Personal-Care Industry, Opening

“This is a reference to a nail bar, body art, tattoo parlors, and facial services, in the form of waxing and electrolysis, and massage therapy are all part of the same support,” Borenstein said.

They have added an additional support to the sector, and to open to make reference to the importance of the opening of the economy, and the need to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, to maintain the health of the brands, and to defend the further opening.

“We need the support of the re-opening of our community,” Borenstein said. “We need to have in order to it is safe to do so. We have to do it smart. However, we are in need of the support of the economic engine, and to the financial well-being of our community.”

She was careful in the final sector, and to discourage the opening of beauty in a small body.

“This is an area in which I will ask our service providers to be smart and a time delay of at least a few more weeks the incubation period,” Borenstein said.

They are offered to ensure that the full range of services, which are open to the potential for it to spread, and caution must be taken.

“I want to thank people in advance for sticking to it,” Borenstein said. “I know there are people who are just a company, it would continue to be shuttered on the basis of what I ask for, but we do ask that businesses, including those in the wedding industry, you have to pay.”

Declaring Racism a public health crisis

In the light of the national and international debates, and police reform, and the San Luis Obispo city council approved a resolution which recommends that public health officials explain the racism as a public health crisis. When the button is pressed to its position, Borenstein reported she had spoken to on the subject by the members of the SLO city council and any other person, and was not prepared to make a decision.

“I was not in agreement with the council, or any members of the community on that front,” Borenstein said. “I know that racism is a problem in our society, and we can see that the action you are trying to do. To declare a public health emergency, and I’m not willing to do that at the moment, but I’m open to a dialogue with the members of the community in the health care sector.”


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