She was ripped off, asks fans for help


She Suwan and David Toborowsky it might even be the most popular couple in “90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk.” The couple provides quality entertainment, a lot of fans due to their hilarious actions as well as observation. David and Jane also have a huge following on Instagram, and they regularly interact with their followers. She often uses her social media accounts to promote her cooking classes. In the Thailand, the reality star makes even kitchen aprons, and other outfits that they can sell to their fans. However, She recently revealed that she had been a victim of identity theft.

She is asking fans for help

In her most recent Instagram post, “The 90-Day Fiancée” star She asked her fans to give an account of a fake account that is scamming her.

The fake account asking people to do her cooking aprons. The fraudulent account is claimed in the fans was able to order Annie’s colorful and hand-made aprons on the web. It turns out that the account has been scamming fans for a certain period of time, since it has been 7,295 followers before She told me that she was not responsible for the account. To set the caption of the photo, the 27-year-old reality tv star informed fans that the fictional account of the theft was made out for her, since she had never sold anything through the website.

Instead, She informed the fans that she is selling her aprons via her Instagram account, and fans will have to hear from her on the purchase of its products and / or the making of an order. She also revealed that she had been trying to reach out to the people who are responsible for making the fake account, and they locked her up.

They have asked fans to help by reporting the account, so that they would cease and desist its fraudulent activities. In the Thailand, the reality star was joined for her post by adding a few cry, and get angry emojis to let the fans see just how devastated she was by the whole ordeal.

90 Day Fiance“the fans have felt it with Annie’s plight, and many of them are reported in the accounts.

She also encouraged Jane to continue to work hard on their products, even though they have become a victim of a scam. The 27-year-old has improved its financial situation since they moved to the United States with her husband, David Toborowsky. However, the couple was going through some financial difficulties when she first arrived in the Americas.

David is a well-paid job

At the moment David does not have a well-paying job, while She was still waiting to receive her work permit. The two reality stars have had to live in a friend’s room for a certain period of time when they are trying to make ends meet. Luckily for the couple, their financial situation turned around as soon as David is assured of a decent job and She’s qualified for her work permit. They have both worked very hard and moved to Arizona, and the fans are praising the couple for sticking with each other, as if they were going through a difficult time. Many of their supporters to hope that it’s a fraudulent account to take advantage of Annie’s hard work, it will be pulled down.

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