Shannon Sharpe On Lou Williams: “Anyone Know What’s Up With The City.


When Lou Williams was caught out on the break, the Orlando shooter, quarantine protocols in the tp to pick up some wings at the club, and he was sure that he was there all the time, from good food, not necessarily to have a good time.

Ever since he has been exposed COVID-at 19, he was put under a specialist, placed in quarantine, and were forced to sit down with two of the Clippers’ opening of the bubble games. It took him a lot of his or her salary, too.

Everyone would have probably forgotten about now, even though, had it not been for “the Ram.” A piano, a dancer, who works for “the Magic City” in Atlanta (on the same Block, it was found in), and acknowledged that he had been there for more than just the wings.

The whole affair attracted the attention of the “Undisputed” star Shannon Sharpe, who does not seem surprised by the news. If anything, he was madder at the Ram for snitching, then he was to Block the break down of the application.

A lot of people have had it with Williams, and Shannon in here. Some even went so far as to call it the woman’s job.

The art and architecture of his time, and is a member of his team, not for a long period of time, that is, in retrospect, the whole thing isn’t really a big deal to me.

But it just goes to show that players can and will be exposed to if they chose not to be in violation of the rules of the national basketball association (NBA application.


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