SEVERAL 12 to go global on the 19th of May


SEVERAL 12 was officially announced at the end of April, in addition to the Mi In 10 Young people own smartphones. It was initially introduced to the Chinese public, but for now, Xiaomi is planning for a global launch, which will take place on the 19th of May.

The date was revealed through the Twitter account of the SEVERAL with a very “teaser” – it was a math problem that seems to still be trending around the marketing company Xiaomi.

The answer is, of course, at 19, even if Xiaomi has decided to use two different photos for the very same issue, this is a common problem in third-grade students in the mathematics classroom. The date can be confirmed on the 19th, and the month is not mentioned in this one. After all, with the Chinese launch, in that there is no need for Xiaomi to take up until June to announce the features for the global market.

SEVERAL 12 officially announced

SEVERAL 12, it is still based on the Android-10, but it comes with major visual enhancements-flat design, new animations, an improved dark-mode as well. It will also mean that apps abuse permissions, and then provides a function, called the AI, where is transcribed a call for the hard of hearing.

Xiaomi has been in the recruiting of the beta testers in India for the Global ROM, which is to pave the way for the shipment of more than 30 smartphones eligible for the update.



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