Samsung’s Internet of beta, adds protection against the Back-button hijacking


The Samsung Internet browser based on Chromium, but it has a few extra goodies on the Chrome. Things like support for add-ons, and privacy-oriented features. In the upcoming version how to (currently in Beta) has introduced a new feature that will prevent websites from messing up the Back button.

Sometimes, you may accidentally land on a shady website only to find out that pressing the Back button just reloads the page, or, even worse, you are going to go to a different page which is just advertising from the top to the bottom.

This new feature is a little confusing with the name of “the Blocking of unwanted web-pages.”, but if you read the explanation text at the bottom is the option” it is clear that the holding of the Back button will work as it should. You can find this option under the Privacy and security of your screen.

Once again, this is only available on the Beta channel. If you use the stable version of the Internet on your phone, you can still try the beta if it is installed as a separate application. This, too, is freely available for non-Samsung phones.

New options in the Customize menu

New options in the menu

New features have been added to the menu, and it gives you fast access to certain functions, for example, there is a “Block of ads will be temporarily” button, for those times when the creative block is when a given page. Simple things, like Open new tab, Refresh, and it can also be added.

This release includes improvements to pop-up blocker is a common nuisance in shady places, and makes the tablet experience to the desktop (with support for more keyboard shortcuts, and the option to run the desktop version of the sites).

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