Samsung to pull out of the MARKET by 2020


According to the news circulated in the South Korean media, Samsung will go on to the next MARKET to 2020 trade fair will take place at the beginning of the end of September. Samsung has not released an official statement, but reports claim that the Korean tech giant has re-evaluated its plans for a massive gathering in the wake of the current global pandemic.

Samsung is a regular participant in the MARKET since 1991, with a number of significant announcements in the past, including the launch of the original Galaxy Note back in 2011. Last year we had the Galaxy and the A90 to 5G, which was the first non-flagship phone from the manufacturer’s line-up will have to come up with 5G connectivity. Samsung will be most likely to opt-out of any of the events in the near future, which is related to mass gatherings, etc.



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