Samsung to announce a new 5 devices at the samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in


Samsung’s CEO, Tae-moon Roh, recently revealed that the South Korean tech giant is looking forward to the unveiling of five new devices at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, which will take place in the month of August. Due to a number of leaks and rumors that have been floating around the web for quite some time now, and we have a pretty good idea of what these devices could be. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy A21s update will be rolled out by July 2020 with a security patch

The Samsung Galaxy Note series-20

Be the first one out of the five, it is pretty much obvious, and this is Samsung’s next line-up of its flagship Note series of phones. This year, the Samsung Galaxy Note series-20. The Comment from the 20-series is going to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 10-line of last year, and the focus on the performance of a large high-resolution display, S Pen support and the other is the Note-series is available. Also Read on – Samsung-Galaxy-Tops-X-new leaks offer a glimpse, a variety of color variations

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Samsung Galaxy S-Fold 2

Next up, we can expect to see a much-awaited follow-up to the Galaxy Fold. The new, fold-away, of the company, that is, we can see that it’s leaking for months now. Most likely, the name of the Galaxy, the Z-Fold, 2, fold phone will come with a similar design to the original Fold, with a few changes in the hardware here and there. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy s 3 Watch live images from the camera can be spotted on the OPEN list

In the third place, we have the Galaxy S7. The successor of the Samsung Galaxy S6 series, a Tab-S7 is also expected to feature a similar design as its predecessor, along with new hardware and more optimized software and tweaks.

This summer, the Galaxy s out of the box, we have the introduction of five new electric appliances. These devices deliver on our vision to be the pioneers of a brand new mobile experience that will flow seamlessly and continuously, wherever we are,” said Tae-moon Roh. He also added saying, “They combine the power with seamless functionality, whether you’re at work, at home or on the go. In the Following, the Normal, you will be empowered to live life to the fullest with them in your hand and in your ears and on your wrists.)”

The Galaxy Watch will have a 3 and a dual-core tops

If we take that as a hint to the remaining two products, it would probably be in a stretcher, and a pair of ear plugs. Based on the numerous leaks that the Samsung, Galaxy, Tops, to Live, and the Samsung Watch, the new 3-series. Now, We’re just a couple of weeks prior to the event and more details will be in the next few days.


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