Samsung S20-Lite to use the Snapdragon SoC, 865


Samsung has released an interesting launch schedule in front of us for the rest of the year 2020. It seems that Samsung is not the samsung Galaxy S20 series as well as a new smartphone in the series called the samsung Galaxy S20-Lite has now been spotted on the Geekbench benchmark for the platform. However, you don’t need to make this “Lite” moniker confuse you, and if it would be a high-end smartphone segment of the market, such as the samsung Galaxy S10, Lite. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy S21 codename -the basic version, hardware details leak

Samsung is the Snapdragon 865 SoC, the samsung S20-Lite

According to the source, the samsung S20-Lite was found in the Geekbench database, and the model number is SM-G781B. This seems to be true, since it coincides with a previous report of the SamMobile and the news media. The Geekbench listing reveals that the smartphone will mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy s-Fold 2 is not able to start on the 5th of August: please Check the details

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This hardware will be coupled with 6 gb of RAM. On the software side, the samsung S20-Lite and will run on the Android 10 operating system and probably the new UI of 2.5 adjustment layer. This device would be able to follow the same path as the Galaxy S10, Lite. So, it would have to be sold in all markets with the Qualcomm processor. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy A7 passes FCC and Bluetooth SIG

The Geekbench results

According to the results on the GeekBench platform. In the single-core performance of the test, it gets a score of 737 points. Then, in the multi-core performance of the tests, and it manages to be a result of 2619 points. This is in line with the scores of the other devices that are powered by the same Qualcomm hardware.

It would be very interesting, as the Galaxy S20-Lite, can be much more powerful than the current samsung Galaxy S20 series, with the S 990, SoC. Qualcomm’s high-end processor that has been proven repeatedly to be more efficient, and more powerful than the Samsung Exynos chipsets.

In addition to the information that is checked, nothing else is known about Samsung’s flagship phone. Taking into account what we have seen in the previous generation, and it may be of a plastic construction. However, since it would have to be able to compete with the other competitor’s flagship phones, with the launch by the end of 2020, the quality can be improved. According to the leak, the samsung S20-Lite’s or the S20-Fan Edition would have to be presented in October this year.

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