Samsung Q1 results are found to be increased in smartphone profits in spite of COVID-19


Samsung has posted its quarterly report for January – March 2020 the period of time, and it doesn’t look so bad after all. The company met analysts ‘ expectations and it turned out to be a slight decline in revenue quarter-on-quarter due to seasonality, but the profit is higher than in the Q1 of 2019.

The mobile business reported lower revenue than 12 months ago, but operating income increased. In spite of a decline in shipped units, and the launch of the samsung Galaxy S20 in the line-up and an extension of the 5 g of the portfolio, allowed the Korean company to save profits.

(in the WFD as/
Cell Division
Cell Division
Operating profit
In general
In general
Operating profit
In Q1 of 202026 € /
21.5 billion
2.65 € /
2.1 billion
55.33 € /
45.8 billion
6.45 € /
5.34 billion
The Q1 201927.2 € /
22.5 billion
2.27 € /
Of the 1.8 billion
52.39 € /
43.4 billion
6.23 € /
5.16 billion

Samsung revealed the expectation for the Q2 of 2020, the demand for decline in most regions due to a global economic crisis, caused by the COVID or 19”. Both the sales and the business as a whole will be reduced after many of the shops were closed, and the people suddenly left without an income, so they can’t afford to buy a new phone.

Samsung isn’t making bold predictions for the remainder of the year 2020, but one thing is for sure – all of the manufacturers, with the goal of minimizing the impact of the strengthening of the entire smartphone market from the competition. The company revealed the new foldable and Nb models are to be expected, as well as a better-5G, the adoption of mass-market smartphones and tablets.



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