Samsung is close to releasing the update for the background is a bug


Don’t forget that the background is crashing on Android this week? Samsung says that it will soon be an update to fix the problem. It has been cited by the sources Sammobilethat said, the fix will come in via over-the-air update. It says that Samsung knew about the problem and are working on resolving this issue. The report of the case of phones, it was caused by the use of a non-supported game. Also Read – Android 11, Beta 1 is early, to reveal the developer option in new media controls in the quick settings

In the meantime, Samsung advises users to avoid downloading of these images. It wants to be and that they will continue to exist, with the aid of the accompanying set of wallpapers of the games on their mobile phones. As soon as the update is released, they can start the download again. Also Read – Android phone to crash because of this wallpaper

Earlier this week, the wallpaper has been observed to contribute to high dynamic range which is outside of the bounds of the acceptable to the system. The user, by the name of Ice, the Universe said, ” Android doesn’t support the RGB value of 255. And because of this, phones with the use of this image, too. Also Read Realme of 5, 5i and 5s will receive the Android 10, update, in, India

The post also points out that the problem was associated with phones that are running versions up to Android 10. Phone makers are likely to work, especially if you want to fix this problem. A software update will probably be released very soon. Ice in the Universe is called the correction for this problem has already been submitted to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

We hope that other Oem’s are also in the public arena and the issue of updates in order to fix the problem. The user has to be stated that many of the Pixels, users have been faced with the same problem. Let’s see if Google knows about the issue and provide a solution in the next couple of days.

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Android users are mostly complaining about a security bug in one app or the other. Hackers love Android because of the open-source nature. But now it causes destruction, it is a very rare development. This has apparently surprised the industry. Hopefully it will get sorted sooner rather than later.

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