Samsung Gear S3, and the Gear is Active to get to Bixby, the UI improvements in the latest update


Samsung still supports the Acceleration of the S3 (in 2016), and Gear, and Sports (2017) smartwatch. These two (well, two, if there are different versions of the S3) will be getting a new update that is currently rolling out in South Korea and the united states and other markets in a very short period of time.

The update will bring to the Bixby assistant, you can ask it questions or tell it to perform certain actions (for example, the start of an exercise, or to control Spotify). These watches were originally launched with just a Voice, but the device will be shut down on June 1, so this update comes just in time.

Other changes include the display of the icons on the home screen, select apps running in the background. Tap to open the selected app, which really helps with multi-tasking on such a small screen. Also, the icon for changing the Quick panel has been reworked.

Samsung Gear S3 (classic/border), and the Acceleration is Active to get Bixby, UI improvements

The amount of the Always-On-Display has also been improved in the power-saving mode, and when the watch is fully charged. The countdown Timer, and Stopwatch apps have been a UI Polish as well. Finally, the new emojis are being added, and the watches need to be better at the detection of the sleep state.

The new version of the software for the Samsung Gear S3, a classic and a new york watches is R76*XXU2FTD4, the Acceleration Running at the R600XXU1CTD3.



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